Breaded Oysters(Double Colored Breadcrumbs)

Tumble and bread the oysters in two kinds of Japanese Panko breading. The two pleasant colors of breading wakes up the appetite and bring about a delicate crunch.


Breaded Oysters (Original Flavor)

Select oysters are tumble dusted in a light, perfectly seasoned, flour recipe to deliver a satisfying taste.


Breaded Oysters(Black Pepper Flavor)

Special flour recipe works with fresh oysters perfectly to create a delicate crunch and a The fantastic black pepper flavor and the freshness will satisfy your sensual pursuit.


Breaded Oysters(Breadcrumbs)

Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, each bite can be a great joy. easy to be stored and cooked, these oysters are full-flavored for oyster-loving guests.

Chefs' Corner

Learn our chefs Ajao Yang

Hello, my name is Yuejiao Yang. I have loved cooking ever since I was a young girl, sitting in the kitchen watching my mother cook. Growing up in a small town by a beautiful sea not only gave me a wonderful childhood, but also taught me how to appreciate and love the freshness and flavor of seafood. This love has grown into a passion in my adulthood. I grasp every chance to learn how to cook, collect and try new recipes.

Preparing good food for friends and family is such a great joy for me and I’m so lucky and excited to have the chance to cook for other. I have been working in Yuanxin Foods for more than 20 years and...

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