Chefs' Corner

Learn our chefs Ajao Yang

Hello, my name is Yuejiao Yang. I have loved cooking ever since I was a young girl, sitting in the kitchen watching my mother cook. Growing up in a small town by a beautiful sea not only gave me a wonderful childhood, but also taught me how to appreciate and love the freshness and flavor of seafood. This love has grown into a passion in my adulthood. I grasp every chance to learn how to cook, collect and try new recipes.

Preparing good food for friends and family is such a great joy for me and I’m so lucky and excited to have the chance to cook for other. I have been working in Yuanxin Foods for more than 20 years and I am also the vice manager of this company. We specialize in seafood processing and share our delicacy with people all over the world. Over my 20 years career, I created special seasoning recipes for our breaded products and other special seafood cuisines, such as breaded oysters, panko breaded shrimps, squid rings and crab cakes which are popular at home and abroad.

I believe nice food brings happiness to life and I will never stop my passion for cooking.